13 September 2009

Cara Meningkatkan Alexa Rank

Cara Meningkatkan Alexa Rank Blog

alexa website that prepare information hits trafik a website.
alexa rank can be made description hit visitor total that visit a blog ekam by alexa.
alexa rank of vital importance for website we are caused by several website advertisement service commercial/adsense that give condition ranking alexa in certain limitation if we want to use the service.
rangking traffik alexa counted based on calculation tri wulan data history traffik yg gatherred toolbar alexa user.
also got from source other and mengombinasikan with pageview and reach / visitor original web visit and rather than robot.

next several steps to increase alexa rank:
1. turn on alexa rank widget at sidebar you
code alexa can be downloaded at http: /www. alexa. com/site/devcorner
code installing in sidebar same like code installing html in general.

2. turn on plugin alexa
menginstall alexa toolbar(http: /www. alexa. com/site/download/).
setting address website we are as homepage principal from browser whom we use.

3. write article hits alexa
posting article can in the form of matter about alexa, tips also something else around alexa rank.

4. improve trafik visit
bicest manner make heavy article.

5. joint forces with forum or mailing list appropriate with matter website you
easiest manner to interesting somebody interest to come to pay a visit leave link website / blog in part signature, espoused explanation short hit its contents.

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