13 September 2009

Trik Google Adsense Untuk Pemula

10 tips trik google adsense for beginner

This article is attributed to all bew beginner wants or is making site and want to get addition money from google adsense. google adsense self be program affliasi that used google to interesting interest webmaster to come along to promoting advertisement google.

next 10 tips trik google adsense for beginner:

1. make yg not yet apply google adsense (ga) or often aversed apply at adsense, may be can begin with make blog english-speaking at www2. blogger. com - update at least 1 - 2 weeks if dah ok new apply ga. this step is possibility success 90% with your site note not site illegal (hacker, pornographic, download crack) and of a kind it with also must often -update site

2. best your site is ber-bahasa english if indonesia or mixture usually seldom out text-ads- google, yg out 99% service advertisement (can mengakalin but break tos - ms of servises) except your site annual (more than 1 - 2 year) new out eurasian language advertisement if yg mixture sometimes can eurasian and also can english and sometimes can out" service advertisement"

3. jgn occasionally you mencurangin google because fast or slow you certain found out, read tos formerly because every 3 - 6 months once certain there new rule yg more my day see more complexer. . . 90% yg has ga certain ever do deceit either in expressly and or tdk, yg most often dishonest certain at tyre, kl seldom most memperingatin beforehand

4. for yg want to increase traffic the site freely can wear manner:

- list at all sites search engine especially google, yahoo and msn (do every 2 week)s
- tukeran link / banner dgn site fellow
- send e-mail to yg knows (don't spam) or mention signature at e-mail you
- wear signature your site when posting at forum
- mailing list sometimes can help (don't spam also)
- site update and make semenarik and se-informatif may be so that interesting interest for yg enter
- do manner whatevers origin don't spam tdk break tos ga

5. your another manner is must pays dgn turn on banner at site other, you are taste as according to what you promote or pair adword dgn google. don't occasionally pay site yg menjanji trafik thousands visitor because in character only temporary and forbidden by ga

6. don't you do spam anywhere for site promotion because myself jg hate spam and yg spam usually the site reputation ugly although trafik will increase a moment tp for long-range berefek not good and your site at" blacklist" . don't so one who resent because netter eurasian many at seal dgn bad reputation at internet as netter yg has liked hacker, copyright plough, nipu nation self and yg latest begin to like spam

7. you can affiliate dgn clickbank, amazon or yg another for nambah your site income. correct advertisement location position, site display and message often -update also can make profit aloof make you

8. best your site has suffix. com. net because if only blogspot from google very many competitors for in this time and seldom enter ranking top ten except you find words yg unique for that or your site is very informative and message yg given your site be of benefit to many people. even so such want long time for can at position on except you advertise your site

9. you best must has hobby write article because if not your site only full information yg be taken from another person site and rating you indolent rise it even so you will take site org other and then you edit and trigg up, hope cantumin source from your message because this code etik journalist. my article is at also often pirated person without mencamtum the source dr which. learn to share and mutual appreciate fellow netter, if you belong one who like to pirate, yeah request reduceds and sometime later caused. . .

10. latest matter yg importantest" don't ever capitulate" as everybody and i also begin from zero. everything always there the beginning. learn, learn and learn main key if want successful at this area and i also still to do it up to today

author: erwin

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