08 Oktober 2009

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I absolutely
love the internet.
The potential to generate money while "sitting
at home in your underwear" is more real than ever before. In this
day and age, there are so many different ways to make money on the internet.
Not to sound corny, but the sky is truly the limit.

with that being said, because of the nature of the internet, there are
also more scams and completely garbage information than ever before.

When I first
got started on the internet in the early 2000s, I heard about affiliate
marketing and the fact that you didn't have to have your own product to
make money. You could simply refer others to other people's products
and share in the profits generated. This meant you didn't have to worry
about fullfilling customer's orders, dealing with technical support issues,
and all the other headaches involved in owning your own product.

There were
literally millions upon millions of affiliate programs to choose from.
All offering different commission percentages and all promising their
program would convert the highest and earn you the most money.

Being the
big dummy I was, I would jump on any and every affiliate program
I found. I'd try to promote them by sending them search engine traffic,
Google Adwords traffic, or using some traffic exchange program.

Every single
time I tried to promote a new program, I ALWAYS thought
I would wake up the next morning and be filthy rich.

Every morning I'd wake up, only to see the same familiar number
in my sales stats...

clicks, 10 Sales

After trying
over a hundred different affiliate programs and failing at each
and every one, I finally realized that MOST affiliate programs
are good for the product owner but bad, REALLY bad, for the affiliate.
The affiliates spend all the money, time and effort, and the product owner
makes all the money.

I had almost
completely given up
on affiliate marketing when I accidentally
came across some data that gave me an idea. This data I stumbled acrossed
allowed me to see a few products which appeared to have been making
money for other people. The keyword here being "appeared".

I didn't know for sure if these products would make me money, but from
the data I saw, it honestly looked like other people were making
money promoting these products. I figured, heck, if other people are actually
making money promoting these products, there's no reason I shouldn't be
able to.

So, I grabbed
an affiliate link for one of the products I found. I loaded it
into my Google Adwords account, went to bed that night, and low and behold...

next day I actually made a sale!

Yeah, it
was just 1 sale. I wasn't anywhere near "filthy rich", but I
thought I might be on to something.

I let the
campaign run for another day. The next morning I woke up and noticed that
I made 2 more sales, for a total of 3 sales! Ok, still... I'm a
little overly cautious, so I thought that it might just have been a fluke,
so I didn't get too excited just yet.

I let it
run for and entire week.

the end of the week, I'd made a total of

22 sales, which came out to roughly

$440 pure profit for me!

It was at
that moment when I realized I was definitely on to something... and I
haven't look back since!

What's even
more crazy about this story is that, the initial reason I wasn't overly
optimistic about what might happen, is because the data I'd stumbled
upon seemed so obvious. I wondered why everybody and their brother
wasn't using this data to predict which products would make them money
BEFORE wasting their money trying to figure out on their own.

To this day,
nearly 5 years later, hardly anyone is doing this and it blows my mind.

Over the
years, I've perfected this affiliate marketing technique and have had
my team of programmers create an entire program that takes that initial
technique I stumbled into back in the early 2000s and basically puts it
on steroids, allowing me to find hundreds of profitable products to promote
in a matter of a few minutes.

I've spent
close to $135,000 in development costs
to have this software developed
to the point that it can be used by literally anyone to make money.

These days,
all I do is give the program to members of my staff and tell them to use
the program to find profitable products for me to promote. I pay them
a fixed salary to do this for me daily. All I do is monitor the affiliate
stats, and let me tell you... they look ALOT different than they
used to! :-)

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gd job my frnds...

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keep arround

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I also love internet. I am also earning extra money with it.
Great post and thanks for sharing.

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nice post friend

coment n folow me back

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oke nih... keep writing...

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Just Warning...Beware with affiliate programs...