02 Oktober 2009


If you are the person responsible for paying the power bill at home, you will understand just how pricey and expensive it is to run all of your modern day electronics and machines from month to month. Unfortunately, as the cost of generating electricity continues to rise, power companies simply push these cost increases on to us - the consumer.

Eventually (at this rate anyway), power will quickly become the most expensive utility for any person to deal with each month. That is, of course, unless you opt to use an alternative energy source - one that you have direct control over, and which you can implement in to your home in a matter of days. "How could I do such a thing" - you are probably asking.

This is where we found the Earth4Energy system very practical and useful. From the very initial goal of wanting to generate your own power - right up to the finished solar panel and wind turbine, Earth4Energy is a guide which takes you through all the stages, and frees you from the dependence you currently have on your power company.

Creating A Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are those things which spin in the wind. Basically, they generate electricity thanks to the spinning action - hence whenever there is wind, you have the opportunity to be generating power.

With the Earth4Energy guide - making your very own wind turbine is simple. Additionally though, the guide instructs you on exactly how to:

1. Position the wind turbine correctly.

2. Connect the turbine to your power source.

3. Store excess power from the turbine.

Therefore, without much hassle at all, you are able to begin harnessing the power of nature to deliver you something which you would have previously had to pay for.

Solar Power As Well

Amazingly, the Earth4Energy system doesn't stop there. As well as instructing you on how to create the wind turbine, you are told in detail how to construct and connect a fully functional solar panel (of any size), to your home.

What is best about these 2 unique power generating systems is that if there is no wind, there is usually sunshine. And if there is no sunshine, there is usually wind. So no matter what the conditions, you are likely to be generating power for a decent amount of time each day thanks to the Earth4Energy program.

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