26 September 2009

work at google not forever delicious

during the time we detect google corp that company most hunted employee candidate in all the world. follow magazine time even also, google enter rank 10 big as best located to work. how not, the office located in mountain view, california, has chef self,

the employee can order food that liked. has room plays billiards self, has pool swims, coast volleyball field and another sport facilities. the main in facilities case, google the champion.

but after read article at techcrunch, my shadow the taste will work at google disappeared direct. obvious, work at google not forever delicious. techcrunch cause a leak email contents menyebuah milis why does employee google in stopped. there that say the salary disagree with hope. there that say the facilities stills better from microsoft. there that say bureaucracy at google still confused. there that say the higher ga too ngerti technical exercise, and others.

work memperusahaan big, always there plus and minus. but how do we menyikapi, and watch over motivation works, that is difficult.

do you have how menyikapi plus minus work at a kantor(small also big input) and tips so that motivation works permanent awake?

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