26 September 2009

History Komputer

the time first computer virus is created concurrent with computer. in the year 1949, one of the computer creator, john von newman,
creat electronic menycrete variable automatic computer (edvac),
flatten a the working paper have a title “theory and organization of complicated automata”.

in the working paper be be discussed program possibility that can scattered by itself.
computer virus development furthermore happen at at&t bell laboratory one of [the] biggest computer laboratory at world
produce many matters, like language c and c++. at this laboratory, around year 1960-an, every breathing space
researcher make game with a program that can destroy ability repair self and return to assault opponent position.

besides, game program can reproduce self automatically.
this program war is called core war, that is the winner lot remainder program owner in a time g certain.
because aware program danger, especially when does leak out laboratory, so every finished game,
program always destroyed. around year 1970-an, company xerox introduce a program that used to help work smoothness.
the program structure resembles virus,

but this program makes use time semaksimal may be and when does concurrent two tasks be caned do.
in the year 1980-an, virus war at opened world starts on explanation fred cohen, a researcher and assistant professor at
university cincinati, ohio. in the explanation, fred also demonstrate a the creation program, that is a virus
can scattered quickly in amount of computer.

temporary virus blooms, also begin to hitted virus epidemic. this computer virus is first scattereds in indonesia also in
year 1988. virus so earthshaking entire computer users in indonesia, moment that, virus ©brain that known
by the name of pakistan virus.
in the year 2009 estimated existing virus total achieve millions variant.

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