26 September 2009

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expand windows branch explorer
when do you reside in windows explorer, to open entire existing branches (in a folder) press [alt + [. to close your folder can depress f5. open windows explorer swiftly press shift and will click twice in my computer so you direct will step windows explorer.
want alternative to open windows explorer? its way click button start then run. type" \" (type without sign pick)s, click ok.

straighten file in windows explorer
to simplify you in find file found on windows explorer, you can do pengurutan (sort order). its way from menu view, choose arrange icon. to straighten based on name chooses by name. choose by size to straighten based on file size. besides manner there is a way of other quicker, that is with click article name, size, type or modified in column title. click once to straighten according to ascending (from a until z), click again to straighten according to descending (from z until a).

accustom column size
press ctrl and + concurrently. + found on keypad (keyboard right part). tips this is also in dialog box find and registry editor.

accustom target in windows explorer
moment you click windows icon explorer in start - programs so according to opened default drive c. actually you can replaced target, for example be c: \data\ms word, so that click right icon shortcut then move to tab shortcut. in target part change to be to like next:
" c: \windows\explorer. exe /n, /e, c: \data\ms word"
if you want to open folder as root so add /root, so that the command is as follows:
" c: \windows\explorer. exe /n, /e, /root, c: \data\ms word"
now if you click shortcut so that be opened by windows explorer folder c: \data\ms word

print ms word in sequence upside down
you often menncetak a document word and you must always turn sequence yard? this matter is sure asa borings. actually you can print document word with uratan upside down (from big yard number to little) so that you are unnecessary must turn sequence it. its way from menu tools/option/print mark reverse print order then click ok.

roll document swiftly
pernahkah you have document long in ms word, consist of tens yard? what do you feel moment do verification document? difficulty! yes, usually we shall experience difficulty moment will do verification in document, because we must always move mouse merely to roll (scrolling) document. this difficulty increases if mouse you are not equiped facilities scroll. well, to overcome the mentioned actually ms word prepare facilities auto scroll. to display facilities its way as follows:
open ms word you.
from menu tools, choose customize.
move to tab commands.
in part categories, change to be all command.
in part commands, look for autoscroll.
drag (shift) autoscroll up at toolbar.
click close.
now to is doing scrolling, click in autoscroll which is just we make in toolbar. give attention to starboard, will appear autoscroll. you can shifted cursor to on or downwards. more to on or more downwards, furling faster.

give colour in image
follow step hereunder to give colour in ms word:
click menu insert - picture - clipart.
activate picture by click picture.
click right - choose to 'edit picture.
click part from picture that want given colour with choose icon 'fill color.
when want to wipe off certain parts from picture, choose the object beforehand and press button delete.
click 'close picture when finished edit picture.

cropping image

insert - picture - clipart.
previous beforehand activate toolbar picture (view - toolbar - picture).
activate picture and choose icon 'crop.
put icon 'crop at one of [the] box in frame.
kkemudian drag to cut at desirable picture part.

conversion from table to text
ms word prepare facilities for table maker easyly and hurry. but how does the solution if you excessive make table along with your temporary the data want to replaced it? easy, use facilities convert. step komplit as follows:
block formerly table that want you are conversion.
from menu table, choose convert - table to text.
so will appear display will like picture hereunder.
here you must determine arbiter antarkolom in table. commonly use tabs.
latest step clicks ok.

setting default folder to keep file
if you are neat in keep file, sure you will group your datas based on data kind or need kind. for example data ms word always at save at c: \my documents\ms word. well, than each time will keep your data" throwed" to folder" far" better you determine place default folder keeps data ms word. its way:
from menu tools, choose options.
move to tab file locations.
there seen list box with article documents, clipart pictures, user templates, and so on.
click in documents and click button modify. in dialog box that appear, will point at your place folder will keep data. for example c: \my documents\ms word.
click ok, ok again.
after you change to setting above so moment you keep data so ms word direct" open" folder c: \my documents\ms word.

shortcut in ms word
keys function:
ctrl + } enlarge font size
ctrl + { lessen font size
ctrl + + make subscript
shift + ctrl + + make super script
ctrl + l make left flat (left)
ctrl + r make right flat (right)
ctrl + c make flat middle (center)
ctrl + j make left right flat (justify)
ctrl + k put into hyperlink
shift + ctrl + a make text uppercase (kapital all)
ctrl + f4 close opened document
f12 file - save axis
ctrl + f2 file - print preview
shift + f3 change case
ctrl + shift + f replaced font

s m s

tips delivery sms
send message from hp ->> email
1. satelindo and sun
format: mail_alamat e-mail_pesan (note: _ space)
send message to number 777, then press ok.
mail budi@domain. com_halo, howly?
send to number 777
(detail info: www. satelindo. co. id/gsm/satmail. htm)

2. telkomsel hello/sympathy card
format: emlemail-email#subject#message
send to number 081137tsel
eml: code pengaktivan sms to email
alamat-email: email address that aimed
subject: title/subject email
message: email message contents
: divider
emlbudi@domain. com#test# test tries to send email.

3. card lippo telecom:
format: mail#email@address#subject#pesan (without space)
send to number 08315821800
mail#budi@domain. com#test#ujicoba send email

4. by using fitur from www. excell. to
format: email_alamat email_. subject_. isipesan

and send to number 393334774753 (sign ' must be pined up! )
example: email budi@domain. com. hi. how goes the word bud?

5. use facilities faxtext from andrews and arnolds (www. aa. nu/faxtext)
format: address email_isipesan and send to number 447815088091

(sign ' must be pined up! )
example: budi@domain. com how goes the word bud?

6. smsrelay (www. smsrelay. com)
format: message contents email address email

send to no. 41795169338 (sign ' must be pined up! )
example: email budi@domain. com how goes the word bud?

7. m-mail connectotel
(http: /www. connectotel. com/sms/ctsmsem. html)
format: email address message contents
send to no. 447747782320 (sign ' must be pined up! )
example: budi@domain. com how goes the word bud?

8. smswhiz. net (http: /www. smswhiz. com/sms2email. asp)
format: address email_isi message (_: space)
send to no 27836070870 or 27826032307 (sign ' must be pined up! )
example: budi@domain. com how are you bud? and send to no above.

send message from email ->> hp
1. sun/satelindo
type sun telephone number is followed domain satelindo

example 0816/0815-xxx@satelindogsm. com.
format: to: 0816/0815-xxx@satelindogsm. com
subject: meet
message: tommorow i shall arrive clock 15.00. hope to prepare fetching

later sms yg will enter will like this:
(1/2) from mengana@domain. com; 06/01/0113: 55; meet; tommorow i shall arrive clock
15.00. hope to prepare fetching
(note: you must sign-up at website www. satelindo. co. id/gsm/satmail. htm

and fill email mailing-list can you accept

pass sms at filter menu - max 3 email)s

2. proxl and xl pasca pay
type delivery format as follows:
send to: sms@excelcom. co. id
subject: 0817/0818/0819-xxxxx
messages: message contents yg want at send

send to: sms@excelcom. co. id
subject: 0818-989898
message: hi how are you

tips addition for hello/sympathy card user
1. infobilling to email
(regional special service iv)
you want to get copy invoice and detail conversation? , but you
there is no time to grhapari local? , send sms to 081137tsel and
telkomsel will send invoice and detail conversation to email address.

its way?
type sms with message next:
infoeml: code pengaktivan info billing to email.
mmyyyy: month and year claim.
address_email: your email address is that is aimed
infoeml012001halim@sby. telkomsel. co. id

2. smile pln
(regional special service iv area surabaya, sidoarjo and gresik)
you always get claim pln you disagree with position
meter at home? , use smile pln and your complaint is solusi.
its way:

a. register contract number pln you to grhapari telkomsel closest or to
office pln closest.

b. furthermore you live to send sms meter position at home you, with format:
pln: code pengaktivan smile pln.
a: your house is to 1, b if house to 2, c if house to 4, and so on.
9999: electricity meter position merumah.
c. if you are registered, so telkomsel will send your electricity meter position automatically to pln every beginning month.

tips addition dg use facilities satelindo-mail
1. news alert from www. liputan6. com

a. insert email address satelindo you
(0815/0816-xxxxx@satelindogsm. com) in column liputan6 newsletter.

b. then logging to website
www. satelindo. co. id/gsm/satmail. htm and edit alert, and type email alert:
newsletter@liputan6. com
message acceptance maximal sms 3 messages per email.

2. get email-2 from account yahoo!
so that you can get all email-2 from friend/friend and you are permanent can open that email from web (for example to open attachment)memiliki email-account at yahoo! , do langkah-2 next:

a. setting filter at http: /www. satelindo. co. id:
previous you must put into at filter email at satelindo
(www. satelindo. co. id) as follows:
1. y-alerts@yahoo-inc. com (for verification)
2. y-mail@yahoo-inc. com (to forwarding).

b. filter setting at yahoo (http: /mail. yahoo. com)
step into http: /mail. yahoo. com, sign in email yahoo you, step into menu option, but don't to" pop access forwarding" , because this useless, sender permanent appropriate original his email so that inacceptable in sms you. but use facilities" filters" ,
then click" register your is device" then create for example filter if subject does'nt contain bla (will take dirty word so that all emails at forward) and click" forward message to my is wireless device" then click" edit/add new device" ,

insert email 0816****@satelindogsm. com, then verification and furthermore every email step into email yahoo you besides permanent can be accessinged to pass web (this is useful if email there atachment) you also all at once get email notification at sms you.

3. use facilities yahoo mobile

a. filter setting at http: /www. satelindo. co. id:
previous you must put into at filter email at satelindo
(www. satelindo. co. id)sebagai next:
1. y-breakingnews@yahoo-inc. com (to get breaking news)
2. y-news@yahoo-inc. com (to get category message/news)
3. y-horoscope@yahoo-inc. com (to get star prophecy)
4. y-weather@yahoo-inc. com (to get prophecy cuaca)etc

b. step into site yahoo mobile at http: /mobile. yahoo. com/wireless/alert and choose kategori-2 alert yg desirable spt breaking news, news, horoscope, weather, sports etc.

tips for customer xl

to downloaded ringtones or operator logo, follow langkah-2 next:

open http: /proxl. mweb. co. id

look for ringtone / logo whom you like. . . then register deh code

telpon 388 from handphone (now new can make customer proxl. . . mudah2an later can make other operator also)

direct press 1 to nokia and 2 to motorola

direct press 1 = ringtone, 2= picture message, 3 operator logoes and 4 = group graphic.

direct press 1

masukin 5 codes udah registerred

direct press 2

direct press 1

direct your handphone number input or number hp your friend is then presses (star)

direct press 1

press 0 make out

congratulation try! ! !

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