16 September 2009

Tips Bikini For fASHION

Chances are, if you are like most women, you have had difficulty picking out a swimsuit at some point in your life. Each spring, as the fashion magazines bombard you with the latest trends and fashion advice, you have likely become somewhat frustrated and overwhelmed with the seemingly futile search for the perfect swimsuit.

To aid you in your search for that perfect bikini this summer (yes, you should still have hope), here are 10 tried and true bikini fashion tips. Feel free to browse through the list, take what is useful to you now, and store the rest away for a rainy day next spring.

* Be honest with yourself about the swimsuit you are trying on. If the bikini does not fit, you definitely should not wear it. There are enough bikini styles out there that you will be able to find one that flatters your figure. The key is to keep looking.

* If the bikini you are trying on does not offer enough coverage, the solution is a different style, not a larger size. A larger size may only result in a saggy, too-loose bikini.

* Try online shopping. Not only will online shopping limit your encounters with tiny dressing rooms, bad mirrors, and harsh lights, it will also give you the opportunity to browse through hundreds of styles quickly and efficiently.

* For an overall slimming effect, always choose darker, matte colors over shiny pastels. Light, shiny colors have a tendency to show every flaw. Of course, black is always the most slimming color, but a navy blue or dark red will serve the same purpose.

* Be sure that your bikini top offers the right amount of support. Appropriate support can lift and shape small breasts and flatter large breasts. It will also prevent any unnecessary embarrassment in your bikini. If you have large breasts, especially, look for a bikini top with a hidden underwire or elastic support.

* Do not try to mask figure flaws with overall, swaddling coverage. Such coverage will often only make you appear larger. Instead, try wearing a lighter, attention-grabbing color on a part of the body you would like to showcase. Then, pair that piece with a darker color on a feature or figure flaw you would like to diminish. This will draw eyes away from any sensitive areas.

* Never wear a white bikini without double, or even triple, lining. No matter how opaque the fabric may appear when dry, there is no guarantee it will stay opaque when wet. The best trick is to place your hand inside the bikini and look in the mirror. If you can see skin, the bikini is not appropriately lined.

* Before purchasing a bikini, make sure you check the rear. You will want to be sure the bikini offers your desired amount of coverage before you debut it on the beach.

* In general, you should always choose a bikini style with high-cut legs. A high cut will lengthen the legs and make the hips and thighs appear slimmer. This tip alone is guaranteed to shave 10 pounds off your appearance.

* Do not get so caught up in the latest trends that you forget about classic bikini styles. There is a reason the triangle bikini top and simple full bikini bottom have been in style for so long; they offer simple flattery that does not change with the trends. When considering trendy styles, always be honest with yourself about how they look and feel on your body.

Despite your past experiences, there really may be one or more flattering bikinis out there for you. With the above fashion tips in mind, you should be ready to hit the stores and then the beach with full confidence in your bikini beauty.

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